Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Patrician Restoration Photos

Just catching up on some old restoration photos. I used epoxy to fill the three cracks on the back and to fill a small gouged hole on the front. I mixed the epoxy with with mahogany sawdust to match the color of the wood. I then sanded off the excess epoxy after it dried. I also glued a cracked f-hole using Titebond wood glue and a clamp. I sanded the body smooth to 220 grit. The grain is filled. Then sanded and wiped clean. After removing the frets and the inlay blocks I sanded the fretboard with a 12 inch radius block to 1000 grit. The shine on the fretboard is thanks to wiping it down with mineral spirits. The body is being finished with several layers of Shellac.

Up next I will try to tend to the fretboard, adding jumbo frets.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Red Special Progress

Time to drill the holes for the DPDT switches - six of them. I started by carefully measuring the spots on a piece of paper for each switch and the angle that they would be cut at. I ran a test on a thin piece mahogany. (I'll use this test piece again later when I solder the switches before placing them in the body.)

I tape the paper to the top of the body. First drilling a small hole through the top. I then follow with a 6mm brad point bit, carefully lining the bit up with the hole.

I fit the switches, the pots and the output jack to see just how this will look once I'm down.

A view from the top of how the switches, the pots and the output jacks will look.

Next, I move onto the rear electronics cavity cover. I will use a piece of padouk picked out to match the front of the body. I found this 3/4 inch piece with a nice figure.

Using the bandsaw I carefully re-saw off a 5mm thick piece of padouk. I then cut a rough shape to match the opening.

I then cut a rough shape to match the opening.

After carefully shaving off excess wood, I end up with a nice fit. I'll still need sand the edges smooth and drill the holes for the screws.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Red Special

Very productive day, three pickup cavities, and the output jack have been routed, holes for the bridge post have been drilled. I've started reconsidering using a single concentric volume and tone pot. I may instead opt for the traditional separate pots.

The second photo is to help me see what this will look like once completed.