Monday, December 16, 2013

LP Jr. - more progress

So far I have about 28 hours into this build. The back of the neck has been shaped, peg holes drilled and the neck glued to the body. I used the tape to mask off the edges in order to make it easier to cleanup glue drips. In the background of the bottom two photos is the Curly Walnut top that I will eventually glue to the body.

I'm also continuing to add Tru-Oil coats to the Lap Steel. This weekend I plan to begin wet-sanding and polishing.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Coming Soon...

In about a week this Ash Tele that I started working on a long time ago, will finally come up from the basement. I'll finish up the electronics some time this week.

The 8-string lap steel will be the next one up from the basement. after a few final coats of Tru-Oil, I'll begin the wet sanding and polishing. Then it's just a matter of fitting the hardware and the electronics. Shouldn't be more than a couple weeks.

The Red Special's new home

We brought the Red Special with us on our Thanksgiving trip. While we were in New Orleans, we met up with my former guitar teacher, Austin Scicard. Here are a couple videos of him playing the guitar.

Austin was one of the reasons I chose to build a Red Special. I remembered him being a Brian May fan and owning one of the Guild Red Specials. This was why I wanted to get his opinion on this build. As a show of gratitude for Austin's lessons (particularly the lessons in improvisation) and his friendship, I gave him the guitar.