Saturday, January 14, 2012

The neglected Firebird project

Back to work on the Firebird. This last week I worked on the third neck for this guitar, cutting the headstock, drilling the truss rod hole, and drilling the tuning peg holes. Today, I slotted the fingerboard - a nice piece of curly maple.

Next up will be gluing the fret board to the neck, sanding the heel to 320 grit and re-routing the neck pocket on the body to fit this slightly wider neck.

The curly maple wings have not been glued to the center body piece. I have been holding off until I finished the neck since the location of the bridge will ultimately depend on where the zero fret ends up.

I also slotted a Pau Fero fretboard today for the Steinberger copy's neck. I'll have detail photos of both projects either tomorrow or later in the week.

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