Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LP jr - sanding, bridge and pickup route

So I've gotten quite a bit done in the last couple of weeks. First I sanded the body and neck to 220 grit. The details are really showing up nicely. The pin-stripe maple veneer really jumps out on the body.

Yes, I used two pieces of veneer on the neck laminates. In addition to the maple veneer, I used walnut veneer to accentuate the the lighter center curly walnut piece.

Then I positioned the bridge. In order to do this I strung-up both E-strings with dental floss. I lined up the floss with the sides of the neck. Because this isn't rocket science the center of the bridge position needed to be nudged about 1 mm above the center line. This movement of the bridge will not be visably noticeable to the naked eye. I also used a shim to check the overall string height of the bridge.

And finally, on Sunday, I routed the first of two pickup cavities. The cavity for the bridge pickup was a straight forward route. I just need to line the template up with the bridge. The neck pickup route will be more complicated as I will need to cut a template to fit around the base of the neck and it will have to sit higher for me to execute the route without damaging the neck. I will take plenty of photos in order to document this process.

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