Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 TDPRI Tele Build Challenge Day 2

Very productive day in the basement today. I have made great progress on the neck today. First I cut the head stock down to slightly larger than 1/2" removing excess wood. Late I will use a router to plane this to a thickness of about 1/2".

After  drawing the basic shape of the neck, I cut to just outside the lines.

I used double stick tape to secure my jig to the neck blank. And then used a table router to clean up the sides.

Next I used a curved router bit to shape the space where the headstock will meet the fretboard. After routing I taped a metal scraper to the head stock and moved on to a sanding bit on the drill press.

This gives me a nice curve from the headstock to the face of the neck.

Next up, I glued extra wood to the edges of the headstock to help it take shape. I used Titebond and several clamps to hold the wood in place. I used clamped both the neck and the extra wood to the table in order to ensure that the wood be flat across the back.

After the glue cures overnight, I will be able to cut the shape, plane the surface and drill holes for the tuners. I've also prepped a miter box for the fret board which I hope to work on this week. I am surprised at how quickly this has progressed, I have spent less than 8 hours over two days this weekend working on the neck.

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