Friday, December 25, 2015

New Digs

So, its been over a year since my last post. There have been a few changes. I've moved. I now have a new basement lutherie. Minus the laundromat (that's on the second floor). Here are a few photos from my new setup.

At first everything was just a minor mess. Then in during one of those common Mid-West spring storms, I discovered a major problem - water.

The water was literally pouring into the basement through several holes in the wall on the back side of the house.

The problem was caused by over-flowing gutters on the exterior of the house.
Instead of draining to the street, the downspouts backed up, overflowed and caused large pools of of water to develop and saturate the ground. That water then found holes in the basement walls and poured into my new lutherie.

After the drainage pipes were repaired (and I ran two de-humidifiers), I was able to move everything in.

Then I was ready to start working again.

This final photo is a detail of one of my work benches. I frequently use the tops for scribbling notes and equations. In this case I've used corner to measure the radius for frets and fretboards. Also, Let's Face the Music and Dance.

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