Friday, December 25, 2015

Walnut Stratocaster Or Number 8 - Fretboard

For my latest project I decided to build a copy of a Stratocaster. I chose walnut and maple for this build. In some respects, this will be similar to the Junior project from last year.

As always I start with the fretboard and neck. The first step is to cut the fret slots. I'm using a bird's eye maple for the fretboard.
I decided to try my hand at a binding for the fretboard. I chose to create a three layer wood laminate. In this case walnut/maple/walnut. I used a process that I will describe in another blog post - heat-activated gluing.
After gluing the laminated pieces together, I cut the binding to a 45 degree angles so that I could fit the bottom piece and ensure continuity of wood.
To glue the binding to the fretboard I created a jig using two long boards and one small cut of wood.
I applied the glue to the binding, then pressed it against the fretboard with the extra wood clamped into place.
Here's the fretboard after gluing. This will be cleaned up after I sand the 9.5 inch radius of the fretboard.

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