Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 TDPRI Tele Build Challenge - cutting the shape

The top and the back glued up much better than I expected. I was surprised by how tight the seems turned out. So tonight I cut the blank to the shape of the Tele, with the exception of the top. I've decided to wait until I've routed the neck pocket. It seems like it will be easier to line the neck up that way.

The thin mahogany veneer has turned out just as I had hoped. It was difficult to deal with when gluing it to the edged of each piece. I was worried that I would end up with gaps.

Before I can route the neck I need to line up the position of the bridge. I'll measure this again before I do any routing. The scale is 25 inches and if I've measured the neck properly, I'll have 7 1/8 of an inch from the heel to the saddle of the high e-string. I'll go over this in my head again and again before I pick up the router in Wednesday morning. 

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